Diabetes is the fastest growing disease among people of all age groups in these times. It is quite a dangerous disease that must be controlled within time; otherwise it’s very difficult to cure it. With the growing popularity of naturopathy and Yoga, many people have resorted to the ancient Yogic practices in order to heal Yoga and be healthy. Yoga is such a panacea treatment that is done to prevent almost all kinds of existing human diseases in the world. Diabetes can also be cured with the right practice and use of yoga. The most significant trait of Yogic practice is that it does not carry any side effects along, therefore its one of the simplest phenomenon that people use to cure diabetes.
Here are some of the Yoga exercises to treat diabetes:-

yoga for diabetes

1. Downward Facing Dog Pose
It is very easy to do this pose. Its specialty is its simplicity as well. The benefits of this pose are germane. Without any major issues, Doing this can easily prevent type 2 diabetes.
Here are some of the steps that the person needs to perform while executing this pose :-

downward facing dog pose

(i) The person needs to rest his hands and knees on the floor. He is required to move the hips up and while moving the hips he needs to exhale the air and suck the stomach inwards.
(ii) The spine has to be dead straight while performing this pose. Hands should be stretched and knees must be straight. Palm should remain flat to the ground.
(iii) The eyes should point towards the navel.
(iv) This position should be kept intact for some breaths and then the person should exhale the stress out and return to the starting position.

2. Big Toe Pose
It is one of the most basic poses that exist in the Yoga practice. It helps the person in digesting the food and maintains the functioning of liver. Diabetes is mostly induced with renal failure and hence performing this pose can keep the person afloat from all the kidney related diseases. Therefore, the chances of developing diabetes minimize to a greater extent. Here are some of the steps required while performing this pose.

(i) The person should stand while his feet apart. The thigh muscles should be very relaxed in the procedure. He should then bend to touch the toes. While going for the toes, the person is required to exhale hiss breath.
(ii) The hips should be aligned in an upright position while going for the bend. While going for the bend, the person should insert his index finger in between the toes and hold the position for some seconds.
(iii) While the person is going back to the starting position, he should exhale out. The tension in the spine must be released while going back to the starting point.

3. Triangle Pose
Last but the most important pose in Yoga that heals diabetes comprehensively is the Triangle Pose. This pose gives a substantial strength to the spinal column and abdominal region. The insulin production is catalyzed with this pose. It is a simple calculation, the greater the insulin levels are, lesser is the risk of type 2 diabetes.
Here are some of the steps that need to be performed while executing this pose :-

triangle pose

(i) The person should test his left foot in front of the right one. While doing that, he must make sure that the knees are not bent and they are awfully straight.
(ii) The left foot must be touched by the left hand. The abdominal region must now align itself in a diametrically opposite position. While doing that, the right hand reaches for the sky. The support of the wall is also advisable in case the balance is good.
(iii) Such a position must be held for some breaths and while reaching for the starting position, the person should exhale the air out, releasing all the tension from the pose.

Yoga is certainly the best modern medicine for almost all the possible diseases that exist in the world. The medical societies have also acknowledged the importance of yoga in one’s life. A person who performs yoga at a regular interval does not encounter most of the common diseases. In the same way, Yoga is highly effective for diabetes patients too.

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