There is a lot of discussion about gun control laws in the US. These laws come with substantial flaws which are constantly being exploited. There have been mass shootings too frequently to ignore gun control laws. However, everyone has a different opinion on this and hence, no one has come to a consensus. However, as of now, under the second amendment, people are allowed to carry as well as fire their guns. This has obviously caused a lot of uncalled for accidents. In case of every law, there is no dearth of stupid individuals who behave irresponsibly.

why you should never fired a bullet straight into the air

One of the worst things that one can do is, fire guns unnecessarily and aimlessly. A lot of people are of the point of view that a bullet that is bouncing back will not hurt a person. While the sad truth is, it still has enough impact to kill a person. Though, the bullet largely falls somewhere far away from civilization, it often finds its way to cities, buildings, homes and people.

If explained with technical specification, a bullet has the velocity of 90m/s and the requisite velocity to penetrate human skin is 60 m/s. Thus, it is obvious that a person can die from a bullet even if it is just bouncing back or rerouting.

One of the redditors has reportedly survived one such mindless firing, a day after New Year’s. He woke up to a bullet stuck in his window. No one in the area has heard or had fired one. Thus, this was then obviously a stray bullet.

Thus, it is obvious that a stray bullet is extremely dangerous and ought to be avoided at all costs. It is wise to fire inside so that no one gets hurt. You definitely don’t want blood on your hands for no reason at all!

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