We usually use brushes to keep our mouth fresh and clean and free of cavities. Which automatically improves our smile and kiss. Knowing all this, most of us do not brush our teeth before going to bed. Because they don’t consider it a big deal. However, is it? Not a lot of us bother to find out even after it is too late.

Fortunately, it isn’t that much of a deal since all of us are required to brush twice in 24 hours and we more or less do that. If you don’t, then you should start brushing at night. This has been a result of a research dwelt into by someone from the American Dental Association and hence, is more or less reliable.

what is the best time to brush your teeth

The research briefly points out at what’s going on inside the mouth. Now, it is no hidden fact that a plaque from the bacteria constantly keeps building up on your teeth. This plaque doesn’t mature before 24 hours. Hence, when you feel fuzzy in the mouth, it means that the bacteria are now alive.

Thus, ensure that you brush your teeth at least twice in 24 hours. These bacteria once live, produce acids all the time. They produce more acids whilst we are eating. Hence, if one brushes twice a day, the chances of a plaque of acid producing bacteria are very low. These acids then find their way to the tooth enamel causing cavities. It is necessary to not let the plaque stay around for too long or else, you will definitely end up at the dentists at some point or the other.

While you are asked to brush before sleeping and before waking up, it is because it is ideal to be habituated to a certain brushing pattern. Moreover, it is healthier to brush before sleeping. It will not make you feel as fuzzy in the morning and hence, do brush your teeth before you hit the bed.

Our teeth exercise a lot because of the snacking habit. Hence, if you are brushing a little after dinner, it is a good idea because it means that your teeth have the time and energy to prevent the acid from attacking your enamel and causing cavities. Hence, try and brush a little after dinner and a little before you go to sleep.

Also, just after having finished your dinner isn’t recommended to be a good time. A half an hour wait will do you some good. It goes without saying that you shouldn’t be eating after you have brushed your teeth. Yet, if you forgot to brush your teeth one night in six months, it isn’t that big a deal. A 24 hour old plaque can easily be gotten rid of.

Wondering how long should you brush for? Around 5 minutes seems to be a good time as per the suggestions of most dentists. It is also needless to say that if you snack continuously, then your teeth definitely go for a toss. Thus, take extra care of your teeth if you eat a lot.

So, it is ideal to do the following two things in order to keep your teeth safe :-
1. Brush once in the am and once in the pm.
2. Cut down considerably on snacks and beverages (if you are a constant at it)

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