Mahashivratri is a hindu festival which is celebrated at every year in the honour of lord shiva. This festival annually comes in the end of winters month – february or march or we can say that the month of phalgun. By the way all monday’s are the day of lord shiva and shivratri comes 14th day of every month. but shivratri and maha shivratri both are different from each other.

mahashivratri shivling

About History And Significance

In south india – there are many stories are for the celebration of mahashivratri but mostly people believing that this day is the marriage anniversary of lord shiva and parvati.
Mahashivratri is celebrated in the night and this day temples are beautifully decorated with colored lights.

Mandi is the very famous place for mahashivratri fair. Mandi town is situated on the banks of the beas river. Shiva devotees from far and wide visit this shivratri fair in mandi. It is believed that more than two hundreds god and goddess are also coming their. People starts celebrating this festival three-four days before mahashivratri. this is the very old town of himachal pradesh state of india where more than eighty one different types god and goddess temples.

By the way, worshiped of shiva in all cities in India but mostly shiva devotees lived in madhya pradesh. Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Telangana are the main states of india who’s celebrate mahashivratri in the big way.

It is believed that lord shiva is very close to humans at mahashivratri. God is very close to human in the midnight that’s why people wake up overnight on the day of Shivaratri.

Importance For Ladies

It is believed that when a lady worship of lord shiva then lord shiva accept that lady’s request very easily. There is not special material need for worshiping of lord shiva. Devotees can please Lord Shiva with only through water and belpatra. That’s why mahashivaratri has special significance for women. It is also believed that unmarried women will get husband like lord shiva if she fasts on mahashivratri.

Lord shiva is also known as neelkanth. The story of neelkanth is very hot in all mythologies. It is believed that during churning of the sea there is a black venom had been comes out at mahashivratri. Lord shiva got drunk that black venom to protect the whole universe and his kneck color turned into blue. From that day onwards, lord shiva came to be known as Neelkanth.

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