Holi is one of the famous festivals of the country – INDIA, holi is celebrated with prompting and pleasure and according to hindu calendar holi comes in the month of phalguna which is also known as month of march. There is another name we called for holi that is festival of colors.
By indian people – Holi is also that day which indicate the ending of winters and starting of spring season. In this day humans play with different type of colors. they colored to another people very sensitively and gleefully. But do you know the history of holi festival and the real reason – why is holi celebrated ? well read below to get the full history information of this festival.

Holi Celebration

History of Holi Festival of Colors

This festival got their name from holika. Holika is a sister of the hiranyakashipu. hiranyakashipu was the king of devils and he got the gift from brahma after a long austerity. That gift is hiranyakashipu could not be killed by man nor animal, not in day nor night, not in the home nor out from home, not on the land nor in the sky, not with weapon nor without weapon.
After he got this gift he was go crazy in ego and attacking on earth and many others era. Wherever he gone for war he told to them to (don’t worship other god, i am your only god so only worship me)
This went on for a long time and after a very long time he got a baby boy. That baby boy name was prahlada. Prahlada had very hard believe in lord vishnu and only worship lord vishnu. When hiranyakashipu got know about this then he was very angry on prahlada. He’s starting threaten to his son but prahlada didn’t agree. After this hiranyakashipu took the decision that he’ll kill prahlada but after many of tries hiranyakashipu couldn’t even scratch him. Because everytime when prahlada was in trouble then lord vishnu saved him. Even when prahlada was thrown in snakes pit then nothing happened to him.
After see the many problems prahlada couldn’t stop to worship lord vishnu. In the end hiranyakashipu gave order to her sister (holika) that take prahlada in dock and sit in the fire. Holika was also got the gift (sheet) that she can’t burn in fire when she take that gifted sheet on her head. So when holika sat in the fire with prahlada then prahlada start remembrance lord vishnu. Right in front of the eyes that sheet rose from holika’s head and came to prahlada’s head and holika got burned in fire. Same that time after holika’s death lord vishnu killed the hiranyakashipu in narsingh avatar. Narsingh was a creature which had the face of lion and body of human. Narsingh take hiranyakashipu lying on his knee and tore apart his body with nails and killed the hiranyakashipu at the evening in the center of doorpost because he got the gift that nobody couldn’t killed him nor man nor animal, not in day nor night, not in the home nor out from home, not on the land nor in the sky, not with weapon nor without weapon.
That’s why indian people celebrate the holi in night with burning woods.

Why Holi Celebrated With Colors ?

People celebrate holi festival by applying color to each other but many times in our mind there is one question is coming that why the holi playing by colors ? The answer is many years before in vrindavan, lord kirshna started playing holi with friends. That time colors was made by flowers also that was good for the skin.
But nowdays these colors are made by chemicals which are very harmful for our skin. I request you to don’t use these colors. Guys please share this information with your friends so that they can also know the real reason of holi festival.

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