W.H.O (World Health Organization) internationally declare the health emergency about coronavirus. People have lots of questions, fear, chimera and confusion about coronavirus disease. if you have same with in your mind then get ready to know answers of all questions relate to coronavirus.

Corona virus is became a danger infection which spreading very fastly. More-than fifty thousand humans are infected only in china country and till now thirteen hundred sixty nine people are died. Out of the china, in hong-kong one person has been confirmed dead due to corona virus. Also there are three cases confirms in indian state kerala and this disease is declared as state disaster in kerala.

These cases are coming continuously from all over the world and W.H.O (World Health Organization) announce that is international health emergency. Now that the disease is so big then obviously people have in their mind lots of terror, query & myth.
What is Coronavirus ?
How it Spreads ?
Which People Have More Risk of Infection ?
Is There Any Treatment of This Malady ?
Get All of These Questions Answers Below…

What is Coronavirus ?
It’s relation with that type of virus family which can infect human with from common cold to breathlessness type of problems. This virus has never been seen before. This virus infection started in december in wuhan city of china. Coronavirus is a part of big virus family but only 6 virus in this family can infect to humans. Novel corona virus means it is a new virus which has been exposed first times. W.H.O (World Health Organization) give name to this as 2019-nCov.

What Are The Symptoms of Coronavirus ?
If we are talking about this disease signs then it is similar to common cold or pneumonia. After of this virus infection human could face these types of problems in body :- fever, shortness of breath, common cold, runny nose and sore throat. This virus spreads from person to person that’s why great care is being taken. This virus was firstly comes in china and after that it continuously spreading very fast in other countries.

Is There Any Vaccine To Deal With Coronavirus ?
Till now, there is no vaccine made by doctors which could give safety from this virus. Researchers are researching and studying about this virus and also pharmaceutical companies are finding the treatment and assembled for making vaccine of anti-corona. W.H.O (World Health Organization) is fully alert and trying to find the treatment. For the time being, precaution is the good way to abstain.

Is Coronavirus Spreads From Person To Person ?
It’s beginning from seafood market in wuhan city of china and expressing fears that all the cases are only spread by animals. New cases are coming out and it looks like that corona is spreading in humans by touching, in easy words – if somebody in infected and you are in contact with him means if you shakehand daily with that infected person then you will be also infected with virus.

To Avoid Coronavirus Can We Wear Mask ?
This virus is spreading so fast that everyone is searching the way of treatment and 50% people are wearing surgical mask on face out of the home. According to centers for disease control and prevention the risk of spreading virus is not less after wearing mask. The good way of prevention is that if you are traveling to those cities where risk is high of corona virus then just stay away from infected people.

Which People Have The More Risk By Infected From This Virus ?
Scientists are searching now how this virus is spreading in people. Death statistics are high in elderly people. Instead of this, which humans are already in some kind of disease or that people who have been ill for a long time, they have more risk by infection of this disease.

Can HIV Medicines Be Used To Treat The Coronavirus ?
Doctors of thailand country has claimed that they found the treatment of this virus. They gave the mixture of medicines to patient which is used in HIV treatment. According to doctors after the treatment they have seen positive recovery in patient in 48 hours. Although nothing has been said about it right now. Hence we can not say that HIV medicines is a treatment of this virus or not.

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