With the evolvement of people’s brain, they are coming up with unique ideas of making money. One of the most unique ideas has been roped in by Samantha Hess, who is based in Portland, Oregon. She calls herself to be a professional cuddler. We have heard about professional strippers, professional dancers but professional cuddler? But it is certainly true.

The cuddling business is making rounds in the market and people are very excited to start one of their own. One woman who has brought the revolution of cuddles is Samantha Hess, who is looking to add expand her business by adding more cuddlers to her unit. She has already received thousands of applicants who are willing to apply for the position and it is hard for her to sort the applications.

Samantha Hess, who is based in Portland, Oregon and runs a company in the name “Cuddle Up to Me” started this business one year ago. Her company’s aim is to provide the cuddle service to its customers. Hess does not have a proper office at the moment and travels to the home of clients in order to provide those services. Her business is so popular in the US now that she has to put some people on the waiting list. However, you don’t have to wait longer before the list is cleared and you are given the services of cuddles. If everything goes according to the plan, we might see a brick and Mortar snuggle store in the business opened by Samantha.


Samantha is the new face of Entrepreneurs in America and her business is conceived as one of the most unique ones. When she was interviewed, Samantha stated that she does not possess a shop for the reason that she never had time to look out for the space to rent the shop. However, by the end of March, she aims at finalizing the shop location and also hire a couple of more cuddlers in order to give her a helping hand.

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Samantha is on the hunt of professional cuddlers currently and when she was asked about the qualifications that are needed to be a professional cuddler; she stated that the company needs people who can portray the sketch of pure love which is achieved by cuddling and spooning the customers. She also added that the work is stressful at times and if you go out of the glamorous side of it, there are a lot of challenges to be faced. There are customers who are attractive but there are ones who are stuck with diseases like Lou Gehrig and cancer. In such cases, you have to give your best in order to make them feel comfortable and happy.

Being lovable is not the only attribute that is a gate pass to crash into the company. She said that being lovable alone cannot do the handful. The company needs a dynamic personality who is ready to face the challenges. It does not require a great CV but the confrontation with Samantha will make sure if she needs them in the company or not.

The company recently listed the job openings and many people have already applied. Samantha told the reporters that she has already received 300 applications through email and facebook. However, the salaries of the employees have not yet been decided by Samantha yet. This job might sound to some as an easy one but it has a lot of challenges embedded into it. In order to cuddle someone without inducing the feelings of being intimate is a great challenge. Hess said that keeping a friend zone while cuddling someone can prove to be a hassled task and not many people can come out as winners from this situation. Hence, finding the right cuddlers for the job will be difficult. Samantha Hess will be giving 40 hours of rigorous training to the individuals once they are selected for the job.

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She is about to release a book of her own which will talk about the spooning success that she has had. It might be out on the Valentine’s Day in the form of an e-book. People are anxious about the launch of the book and so are we.

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