Assume, your friend just showed you a great new video on a youtube hd. But you wanted to see it later. What will you do now? Simple, just use vidmate and your wish is granted!
What’s more, it’s absolutely free, uses very less space on your mobile, supports all formats for Android phones and even lets you use any browser your favorite video is in.


9apps vidmate is a video downloader to see, search and download numerous videos from video sharing websites. This app can be downloaded easily and you can enjoy the various benefits it gets to you in high speed.
It is regularly upgraded to improve speed. Presently it is 50Mb/s.If you experience slow downloads we can assure you it is because of your slow internet connection or due increase in number of users at a particular movement


  1. Can download from any video sharing website – Vine, Youtube, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, Soundcloud, Metcafe or Dailymotion. More than 100 websites are supported.
  2. Updating is done frequently to adapt the recent changes in technology
  3. Support all browsers such as Google chrome, Firefox, Mozilla Navigator, Safari, Mosaic, Internet explorer.
  4. It is both pc and mobile compatible.
  5. There are no limits on number of downloads
  6. Download of any genre of music or movies or other videos on your Phone, wap devices or any mobile you own.
  7. Once you place a search query it automatically searches in 20 default websites and stores the search for your use in future.
  8. 3gp, mp4 possible
  9. You can download in the quality settings you want. Either HD or lower as per the space constrains of your android
  10. One can watch TV shows 24/7 using this application
  11. Last but most important – high downloading speed is one of its important features


Downloading is easy. Its popularity is attributed to its user-friendly features. This is the reason people who have little knowledge of technology can install the application and download even regional movies or music from the net. Few steps as to how use it:

  1. Open any browser you like
  2. Key-in vidmate apk download and initiate process of vidmate for mp3 download from the 9app play store
  3. Instant download is done
  4. Apk information
  • Minimum requirement : Android 4.0
  • File size 6.89mb
  1. Your download is done in seconds
  2. Now you can key-in your favorite videos on the search bar of this website


Here are the reasons why our app is the best for mp3 download for your mobile

  • No costs attached. It is a free
  • High quality output
  • Very small app requires very less kb
  • Downloads even HD videos from varied websites like youtube,
  • High definition videos can be downloaded. You can also adjust quality so that it occupies less space in your phone
  • This app works on any browser of your choice
  • It has an all mobile/wap devices compatible design
  • Instant conversion.
  • The latest version was released this year (2020).
  • You can also download vidmate old version
  • Speed higher than other apps in the same category
  • You can download any amount of videos. There are no download limits
  • Passwords and logins not required.


If you are searching software on internet about vidmate for PC then you’ll get nothing because there is no software developed by vidmate.
But you can use BlueStacks which helps you to run vidmate apk.
BlueStacks is a third party software or android (operating system) which allows you to install android apk files in your PC so that you can use them & don’t worry this is safe.

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