Tubidy is a free music video search engine and a youtube mp3 converter. It indexes your videos, movies or music from YouTube and converts into high quality formats for your listening pleasure on your mobile.
The main aim of this application is to reduce videos for mobile users so that they can store and share these files with ease.
Its database can handle many files and transactions. It has gained popularity for video coding to mp4 and mp3 formats.
This well-developed model has simple functions, easy to operate even for non-tech guys. The biggest part is you need not install any app to take advantage of this.


  • It is free app
  • Compatible to 2G, 3G and 4G phones.
  • Stable platform
  • It is user friendly
  • Instant conversion
  • Conversion to mp3 HQ, 3gp, mp4 HD possible
  • Works on all platforms
  • Flexible search options based on albums, genres, popularity, artists, instruments or information.
  • PC and Mobile compatible
  • Support all browsers such as Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Opera, Mozilla Firefox
  • Any type of music downloads possible including genres such as pop rock, instrumentation


It converts high definition videos on youtube to formats such as mp3 hq, mp4 hd and 3gp. It is similar to WAP but simpler to use. Whenever you search for a video online this app retains this search and streams this information onto your mobiles whenever you want and in the format that the mobile supports.
This app does not require registration and you need not have a login or password for usage. Also the content which you can convert and store has no limits.
While most converters can be operated by the tech-savy this online app is end-user friendly.
Tubidy has recently updated its search engine, making it more reliable than before. This updation has made it very powerful to scroll and download huge amounts of songs, videos and music with great speed, accuracy and consistency.
With this package you can play your music anytime or anywhere on no matter what device you are carrying – iOS or Android, even a Desktop. Offline use is also possible.
You can create a huge library of these files without additional storage costs.
And this huge library can be shared! What is a music collection that cannot be shared with your best friends? Just use the tubidy’s flexibility, functionality and speed to share your playlist easily.
You can experiment with music from other languages and other genres at tubidy before buying it.


On iOS Operating System

  1. Open web browsers on your iPhone or iPad
  2. Key-in tubidy.com
  3. Tubby.com gets loaded
  4. Use the search bar to enter the entertainment mode you want online – video, movies or music

On Your Android Phone/Device

  1. Open web browser on your android
  2. Key-in tubidy.com
  3. Once the app is loaded enter the video, movies or music you want to watch
  4. You will immediately get the list of videos, movies or music that you requested. You can enjoy the content immediately or in the future


  • Very easy to operate
  • No logins required
  • High downloading speed
  • No need to login or fill out CAPTCHA forms
  • No need of traversing many screens to do the job
  • No language or storage constraints

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