History has been shaped as much by the really appreciating efforts of warriors as by the crudity of dictators. These are the people who are entirely responsible for crimes against human kind and other causes which includes social and cultural damage. Below mentioned are the top 10 dictators of the world who had made our world hell.

adolf hitler

Adolf Hitler :- He was born in Australia and move to Germany in 2nd world war. He is the real cause of millions of deaths in that war and he is the one who put his own country under astronomic deficit. Hitler always held Jews responsible for every wrong act and misfortune that may ever happened. In the academy art, when he was disqualified, he believed that it was Jewish professor who rejected him and same as when his mother died in the hospital, he blamed the Jewish doctor that he assumed that his mother could be saved if that doctor tries to do a little more. During his rule, numerous Jewish were tortured in concentration camps. During the Germany’s war with Allied Forces, he commit suicide as he exactly know that Germany was going to lose.

robert mugabe

Robert Mugabe :- If there is someone who is quite closer to Hitler in terms of crudity, then without any doubt, it is Robert Mugabe. He himself has confessed that he was a decimal of Hitler. He has been the architect of terrible campaigns against his own people and in his rule, the life probability of Zimbabwe remains to 33.5 for women and 38% for men. In his 3 decade times, near about five million deaths have been taken place. The inflation rate has gone to $50 that people only can buy two loafs of bread nothing else.

joseph stalin

Joseph Stalin :- He is considered as a man of steel as he have killed 20 million people in his rule. In order to make himself stand with the developed countries, he made a five year plan which proves to be quite disadvantageous for the labors of USSR. This collection of agriculture leads to death of 12 million people and those who resists with the change were made slaves in their own farms. In his labor camp, 10 million people got died.

omar al-bashir

Omar al-Bashir :- He engage himself in making non tribes out from Darfur region. The international criminal court has accused him for his war crimes. Under his rule, near about 200, 000 people were killed about 2 million people are forced to leave their homes. With every passing day, his atrocities begins to continue. Despite of all the opposition, he still keeps on ruling on Sudan and under his rule, human rights gets violated.

idi amin

IDI Amin :- When an animal or swine rules the country, you may feel how disarranged and disarrays may happen into the society. He took up eating oranges as he always says that they are better than human flesh. Under his regime or rule, near about 800,000 people died. He make South Asian leave Uganda as they are quite prosperous and he did not like this. He was in exile for many years and then since his death, he lives near a sea side by maintaining a low price and keeps his real image a mystery that time.

muammar al-gaddafi

Muammar al-Gaddafi :- Soon after coming into power, the first thing he had done is the execution of all those people who he suspect that they can form a separate political party. Under his rule, teachers and students are hanged publicly and Libyan people living abroad were also killed. He support militant groups who were fighting against the developed western countries. The soldiers were given sexually stimulating drugs for gang or mass rapes. After doing all this, he was killed on 21st October by rebel forces.

benito mussolini

Benito Mussolini :- After getting power in 1922, he turned a democratic country into a state ruled by secret police. He strongly believed in fascism and he got his motive to conquer other developed nations in order to expand Roman empire. In his rule, 30,000 people were died. He was captured when he is moving to Switzerland along with his mistress. His body was hanged so that people themselves can see the fall of their dictator.

pol pot

Pol Pot :- He was certainly one of the most evil dictator, you can say him an animal. He was strongly influenced by Mao Zedong. He expelled foreigners living in Cambodia. In his campaigns, 20,000 people were died and if calculated totally during his regime, then the value comes is 2 million. Finally in 1998, he forced to run for his life as that time Vietnam invaded Cambodia and after some time he died because of heart attack.

saddam hussein

Saddam Hussein :- He was the only dictator in a massive list who tried for crimes against humanity or humankind and is sentenced to death. He killed 200,000 people in his rule and utilize chemical weapons against Halabja. People who did not resist to the changes done by him, he sent those people to torture camps. He is certainly an animal.

kim jong-il

Kim Jong-il :- He is the person who forced his country men to worship him and asked them the incarnation of God. He wants that North Korea remains confined from the rest of the world. He has been accused for running torture camps and for the utilization of poisonous gases which he use on people in those camps and then starve those people till death. It was reported that in his camps, near about 300,000 people died. He himself has died because of heart attack in Dec 2011.

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