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With the cornering of the 10th anniversary of Facebook, the reports have awared the people about how to find their Facebook ID and the number that they were assigned at the time of joining the social media. The number is supposed to be lower if you joined years ago as compared to the users who have joined just recently.

Some people think that their Facebook number symbolizes the member count of the social networking site. This is the reason why some users are seen updating their status like, “I am happy to be the 800,000th user of Facebook”. They almost celebrate this gesture. However, the Facebook ID number carries a different meaning to it rather than being just a member count.

In the early days of its arrival, facebook used numerical blocks to determine the member count, but in the recent times, the ID’s are not sequential at all. A spokesperson of Facebook reported it to Mashable recently. He also added that they draw the numbers from a wide range.

In order to spot your Facebook ID number, simply visit the profile and replace “www” for the word “graph”. For example, in case of “https://www.facebook.com/manjeetsinghonline, try to enter in “https://graph.facebook.com/manjeetsinghonline. However, it lands you to a page which is not the real profile page.

The people who joined the ranks of facebook in the year 2004 received real numerical order proportional to the member count of the social networking website. I joined Facebook back in August 2004 when the website was recently launched and my ID accounted for 900,000’s but these days I see my news feed filled of the same series of ID’s with people flaunting the unique numbers in their ID to friends.

However, 900,000’s ID number did not mean that it was 900’000th member of the social networking site but actually I was around 8000th member to join from the NYU. This was the ninth University that got added to the social network. In the beginning, facebook ID always pointed to the Universities you were enrolled in.

The students from the Harvard University were given ID’s that were based on the number 0 to 99,999. Columbia University came in at the second place in terms of joining the ranks of Facebook and many of its students took the route of joining Facebook through school’s network. They had 1 at the start of their facebook ID’s. Yale University students had their ID’s start with the numeral 2. The calculation is simple, find out your school and its ranking in terms of joining Facebook, subtract it from one and you’d get the first numeral of the Facebook ID of users.

In the beginning, the social network was designed just for the University students but later it opened up for public. According to the recent reports, there are almost 1.23 billion users that are active on facebook as of 31 December 2013. The member count seems to increase rapidly with time.

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