“Pregnancy and motherhood are the most beautiful and significantly life altering events that I have ever experienced”Elisabeth Hasselbeck, TV personality

The female body is a thing of mystery and wonder of nature. What this body undergoes through around carrying a child and giving birth, only a female can understand. One of the most biological functions, pregnancy can bring the most contradictory emotion minute after minute in one moment. Pregnancy being one of the most difficult thing to carry out, it is fortunate that today’s science have made pregnancy much easier than it used to be decades ago. With so much information in hand about post pregnancy and during pregnancy as well, there is a lot of experiences and information on motherhood and pregnancy know how to put a mother to be at ease, well at least for a bit.

pregnancy before missed period

Talking about pregnancy, there are a lot of indications that your body naturally gives you, but of course confirming it is just as necessary. A home kit can now tell if you are pregnant or not in just seconds, but it is only accurate after first day of your expected period. The marvel of the woman body is – by some signals it can tell much before the missing periods that positively confirm your pregnancy.

Breast Changes :- Breasts are of course the instrumental part to nourish the baby after birth. Therefore they start changing as soon as you conceive. The mother to be should look out if the breasts look bigger than normal or a swollen or the nipples have darkened in color. The milk ducts may even start producing milk in small quantities and may discharge at any moment.
Spotting :- Spotting is when there is a sign of slight bleeding which occurs when there is a implantation of embryo in utterers. Occurs after a week to half a month later after the conception.
Fatigue :- Most common sign of pregnancy is fatigue. As the body goes through the stress of providing for the baby, the result is fatigue and need for more sleep to recuperate energy.
Pain :- Many women experience pain in different parts of the body in their early days of pregnancy. Pain in the lower abdomen can be felt as a result of implantation or the struggle of the uterus to stretch to accommodate the fetus. There can lower back strain and headaches as well.
Swelling :- The body retains more water than the normal during times of pregnancy in order to provide for the baby’s needs which can lead to minor swelling in fingers, toes, knees and ankles.

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