The physical state that enables a person to shed tears made of blood is called Haemolacria. In this state, tears may form wholly or partially with blood. We can also call haemolacria an indicator of various diseases such as tumors in the lachrymal apparatus. Provoking by bacterial conjunctivitis or injuries are the two usually causes of haemolacria. Sometimes, Haemolacria can be caused due to hormone induction in fertile women. It is a similar situation that usually occurs in endometriosis.

Here are a few examples of people who suffer from crying blood :-

(i) Calvino Inman
This 15 year old kid from Tennessee sheds blood in the form of tears, at least 2-3 times a day. He does not get any prior warning before such thing happens. When confronted, this boy seemed to be quite strange about his situation. He further added that a watery sensation occupies his eye when such haemolacria happens. Sometimes, the eyes also produce a burning sensation while the tear is shedding out. In the beginning, it was quite a horrid and difficult situation for the young boy but now he seems to have been used to it.

(ii) Twinkle Dwivedi
Twinkle is a 13 year old girl from Uttar Pradesh, India suffering from the disease of haemolacria. The uniqueness about her cause is that the blood not only oozes out of her eye, but also from her nose, hairline, neck and the sole of her feet. The surprise here is that she does not feel any pain when the blood oozes out of her body. A few years ago, Twinkle was a regular school going child before she started bleeding more than 10 times a day. When she remembers the experience of bleeding at school, the girl confesses that nobody came close to her in the school hours because she bled. The journey for the girl became even more difficult after she was kicked out of the school on the grounds of oozing out blood from her body. The situation worsened when she was rejected an admission into another school. The mother of the girl was worried about her cause and suggested that her daughter lost substantial amount of weight due to the blood loss.

(iii) Rashida Khatoon
Rashida is a young woman from Patna, India. She also suffers from the problem of bleeding through eyes. She sheds blood from eyes more than 3 times a day. The surprising factor here is that she is not disgusted upon in the society; rather she is considered a holy woman and worshipped by the locals there. Haemolacria in her society is taken as a divine miracle. The followers of this lady appear to her whenever they suffer crisis in their family and request her to shower blessings upon them. When Rashida was confronted about the same, she seemed to be untinted by the disease and said that she feels no pain when it happens. The medical practitioners are sure of a brain tumor or malfunctioning of tear ducts for Rashida but nothing has been confirmed as yet.

Rashida Khatoon

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