As per me, wearing a scarf is nothing but about attitude. This is an accurate neck dressing which can certainly add an elegance to one’s personality and can take it from good to great. There are numerous styles of wearing a scarf that may provide both warmth and style in winters. Below are the five ways of wearing a scarf :-

french knot scarf

1. French Knot

It is one of the most popular type of knot and is perfect for everyday wear. In this, just take your scarf and fold it half. Put it across the neck and make the loose ends with the other end. Pull it but not too tightly. This will provide you a sleek and a complete winter look. With a leather aviator jacket, this knot is certainly a best addition.

single knot scarf

2. Single/Double Knot

In this, put your scarf around your neck to make both the ends on the back. Cross the ends from back and then bring them towards front. Leave the know loose as per the level of comfort you want. Its perfect for weekends. You can tuck it in your jacket or let it be hanging the way as it is.

triangular fold scarf

3. Triangular Fold

This goes best with square scarves. In this, you need to fold up the scarf in half in order to make a triangle. Get the two ends of folded edges and tie them together at the back and just leave the triangular front leaving down. It creates a casual look and goes best with aviator jackets.

over the head scarf

4. Over The Head

It is one of the easiest one which even a child can tie. Lay it around the shoulder, take both ends and then tie them one over the another. They are ideal for autumn breeze and creates a true business look.

classic drape scarf

5. Classic Drape

Simply put the scarf across the neck and tuck inside the coat. Cover the chest. It is best and ideal for winter formal events as it will give you an elegant look along with providing you an ultimate warmth.

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