You do not need any special kind of qualification or expertise to finding out which type of eyeglass suits you the best. Something as basic as common sense will do. All you need to know is what your face shape is and what glasses look best on your face shape. Your face can be round, oval, square or heart shaped. You need to determine which one it is in order to understand what glasses will suit you best.

glasses and sunglasses for your face shape

For The Round Faced
It is a good idea to wear square or rectangular shaped frames. Thus, your face shall look a little longer and not too round. It will balance out your features making your round face look beautiful. You definitely shouldn’t be wearing rimless or round frames as these will simply make your face look rounder.

For The Oval Faced
A strong bridge that accentuates your face is the best. Do not wear large frames as those will make your face look off.

For The Squared Faced
Those frames that have a high bridge are going to look good on square faces. Oval or round glasses aren’t a bad idea either. They will soften your angles giving your face a well balanced look. Do not wear square framed glasses come what may!

For The Diamond Faced
Wide frames are the way to go for the diamond faced. Ensure that the frames make your cheekbones stand out so that you look extraordinary. Avoid square frames and small frames as these are going to make your face look weird rather than pretty.

For The Heart Shaped Faces
Frames with curved edges are a good thing for your face. Either round or square frames that go a little over your eyebrows are good to go. Ensure that you aren’t wearing too many colours or embellishments and that’s that. You can now rock the look…err frames!

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