Teeth are the thing which determine the person’s individuality to a great extent. They attract the other people with their brightness and clarity. The more the teeth are white, greater are the chances to impress.

Yellow teeth are a blot on person’s personality and define the strata of that person. Yellow teeth arise due to several reasons. Some of the common reasons are :-

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  • Some intrinsic strains colorize the teeth after getting resided on them. Some reasons for these strains to develop on the teeth are illness, hereditary conditions and excessive intake of fluoride. If some medication like tetracycline is ingested before eight years of age, it can lead to such strains to develop on the teeth. Excessive stress and trauma can also cause the strains to develop.
  • Some foods like blueberries, curry, and soya sauce also contribute to the yellow coloring of the teeth. Drinks like coffee, tea cola, red wine and dark beer contribute considerably in the formation of yellow teeth. The drinks that are acidic play a major role in surfacing of yellow teeth.
  • The chewing of tobacco or smoking it also causes the teeth to get yellow.
  • The accumulation of stains from food or other material because of inefficiency in dental care.
  • Some supplements that contain iron in their ingredients can cause the teeth to lose the whiteness.
  • The high amount of fluoride content in the water to be consumed also influences the teeth colorization to a great extent.
  • Age is an important factor considering the teeth coloration. The teeth are prone to wear and tear after a person gets aged. They are susceptible to sport a yellow color more often at old age than at a younger age.

How To Prevent Yellow Teeth?

There are a lot of ways to prevent discoloration of teeth. For the beginners who have started developing strains just recently must brush their teeth after every meal intake in order to prevent developing food strains on the teeth. They should avoid smoking and drinking acidic drinks as they are the major causes of strains to develop permanently on the teeth. Using a dental floss every day also helps the cause and the impacted person can use it to good effect. Flossing also improves your health to a great extent.

The consultation of a dentist is one of the best options in order to prevent any further discoloration. Before using any of the whitening agents, they must be approved by the dentist as some of them come with side effects and for a long term, they can prove to be damning for the person’s health. Dentists also provide some options like bleaching or non-bleaching agents to be applied on the teeth. It prevents the discoloration of the teeth to a great extent.

Most importantly, a frequent care of teeth is vital and determines the overall health of the human teeth. Dentists should be visited on a regular basis in order to avoid any further discoloration.

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