Social media is performing very important role in our life or we can say that it is necessary for world, to knowing that what’s happening around nearby. There are many social media websites with app are using by people and also is one of the popular social media website/app in these days. Currently, Instagram is on 2nd rank in the ranking of the giant social networks on the earth and is the one with the highest rate of rising in fresh years. If you are not using Instagram then i suggest you to install in your iPhone, android or window phone. This application is famous for pretty photos, lovely DP’s, beautiful profile pictures and charming videos shared by users.

Save Instagram DP, Photos Online Story Videos For PC / Phone

while using of Instagram you will find that you can’t download or save another user display pictures and videos. but don’t worry we’ll give you the online trick for this. There are many widgets online which provides you downloading service. We also sharing the downloadgram technique with you and this can be done in just a couple of few seconds very easily.

Click On DownlodGram & Follow The Procedure Below :-

For Phone Users

  1. Open the Instagram app,
  2. Open any photo, story or video you wish to save,
  3. Then tap on corresponding menu button which represented by three dots (…)
  4. When the pop-up menu appears, Just tap on copy link option,

And paste it into above input box and click download button. After press the download button you will see the result. Now you have to touch on screen result for minimum 2 seconds to save the photo or video file to wap gallery.

For PC Users

  1. Open the web browser and sign-in instagram account,
  2. Search any photo, story or video you want to save,
  3. Then tap on right side three dots (…)
  4. And select copy link option,

Do follow the same procedure now :- After copy the url ! just paste it into above input box and click download button. Then right click on showed result and choose (Save Image/Video As…) to download the display picture or mp4 in your device gallery.

Ditto Apply this procedure to IGTV stories and for instagram DP or profile picture, Just simply paste the home page url of user account.

Note :- While using our service, you must be logged in with your instagram account to access another user profile content. if you are not logged then it won’t show the results of private profile accounts. otherwise you can download files from public profile accounts only.

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