The medicine branch is undoubtedly one of the highly expanding and most reputed professions across the world since centuries. The doctors are synonymic with Rebirth as they are capable of carrying out the unthinkable tasks of providing life again to a dying soul through organ transplants, open-heart surgery and what not.
Doctors are presumed to be Godly and carry out each and every routine operation with precision and accuracy. But mistakes are bound to happen once in a while as doctors are also humans and humans are fallible. Mistakes are made every day by other profession workers, however, not a big issue is created out on that as no life of dear ones is at risk. Sadly, this isn’t the case with the docs. Suing doctors for less-than-perfect practice is becoming more and more common, the morality of which is highly debatable in present changing times.
Here is a list of few medical mistakes happened around the globe. It is left up to the courts to decide whether the doctors are really guilty or not.

Rhode Island Hospital

Rhode Island Hospital :- Heading off for a scheduled brain surgery is a terrifying thought in itself. However for the patients of Rhode Island Hospital, there is another cause of concern because allegedly the hospital has performed three operation blunders within a year by operating on the wrong side of the brain.

Willie King

The Surgeon Who Removed The Wrong Leg :- This was the most popular and publicized case in its time. In the year 1995, a surgeon accidentally amputated the wrong leg of the 52-year-old victim named Willie King. After the surgery, it was manifest that a chain of errors caused the operation on wrong leg. As a result of the error, the surgeon was fined $10,000 and his medical license was suspended for a period of 6 months. The hospital named University Community Hospital in Tampa had to pay $900,000 to King and the surgeon involved in the case paid an additional $250,000 to King.

Wide-Awake Surgery

Wide-Awake Surgery :- Talk about being not-so-unconscious at the wrong place. A victim named Sherman Sizemore was admitted to Raleigh General Hospital on Jan. 19, 2006, and operated up on even before the anesthesia’s effect kicked in. This led to the victim experiencing the horrors of slicing of every part of his flesh by the doctor – a trauma they believe led him to take his own life two weeks later. Family members believe the 73-year-old Baptist minister was driven to take his own life by the painful experience of being awake during surgery but unable to move or cry out in pain.

13-Inch Souvenir

A 13-Inch Souvenir :- Donald Church, 49, arrived at the University Of Washington Medical Center in Seattle in June 2000 to have his tumor removed. However, after the successful operation, it was revealed that though, the tumor was gone but a metal retractor was left inside. Doctors admitted to leaving the 13-inch-long retractor in Church’s abdomen by mistake during the surgery of the tumor. The hospital had to pay Church $97,000.

The In Vitro Fertility Clinic

The In Vitro Fertility Clinic :- Nancy Andrews, of Commack, N.Y, became pregnant through artificial in vitro fertilization procedure at a New York fertility clinic. When the child was born, the elated parents realized that the child had darker skin that didn’t match theirs. DNA tests were carried out eventually that concluded that doctors at New York Medical Services for Reproductive Medicine used another man’s sperm by mistake. The victim couple of such a disastrous hoax however has raised the baby as their own child in spite of the differences.
So next time you pay the docs a visit yourself or with a family member, please ensure that your identity does not mix up with some other patient in the hospital, as it may lead to consuming wrong medications or even the wrong surgery. Most hospitals in present era follow the traditional procedure of handing out to patients a wristband with our full name, date of birth and a unique barcode for every individual patient. Make sure this is checked and verified before every medical procedure to avoid uncalled horrendous medical errors.

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