Valentines day is equal to a day of love. It is also know as saint valentine day or the feast of saint valentine. valentines day is the most waited day for loving people’s. I mean to say about loving people meant husband and wife or boyfriend and girlfriend. This day both person are spending their time with his/her special one and give gift’s with lots of love.
Valentines day comes every year at 14th of february. This day celebrated in many countries but on this day there is no special holiday released by government.
In this day a boy or girl can express their love with each other. If you are loving someone and feeling hesitate to tell them, then february valentines week is the easy key for you. I’ll describe you how.
Valentines week gives you the power to say love words to special one. you can feel it, these days are very different from any other days. But if he/she denied to accept your love then don’t worry this day is not only for couples. I mean to say that friends is also can give roses to friends. Because we also loves our friends so we can spent time with friends. exp :- you can give rose to your mother & father and i bet that every person loves his parents.
So if he or she denied your rose then you can tell him or her to be friends. After hearing these words they will defiantly accept your rose, and you know very well that every love story is starting from friendship. It’s just upon you, how you will handle it.

Check This Full Valentine’s & Anti-Valentine’s Week List With Dates Schedule :-

1st Day ValentineRose DayFriday7th February 2020
2nd Day of ValentinePropose DaySaturday8th February 2020
3rd Day of ValentineChocolate DaySunday9th February 2020
4th Day of ValentineTeddy DayMonday10th February 2020
5th Day of ValentinePromise DayTuesday11th February 2020
6th Day of ValentineHug DayWednesday12th February 2020
7th Day of ValentineKiss DayThursday13th February 2020
Valentine’s DayValentine’s DayFriday14th February 2020
9th Day of ValentineSlap DaySaturday15th February 2020
10th Day of ValentineKick DaySunday16th February 2020
11th Day of ValentinePerfume DayMonday17th February 2020
12th Day of ValentineFlirting DayTuesday18th February 2020
13th Day of ValentineConfession DayWednesday19th February 2020
14th Day of ValentineMissing DayThursday20th February 2020
15th Day of ValentineBreak Up DayFriday21st February 2020

Rose Day : The starting from rose day which comes on 7th feb and this is the 1st day of the valentines week. At this day you can give a beautiful rose to your loving person and he/she accept the rose from you. Then you can understand that the same feelings he/she have for you.

Propose Day : After the rose day, the propose day comes at 8th feb which is the second day. At this day you have to propose infront of him or her for caring, loving and always be together for life.

Chocolate Day : 9th feb is the third day or chocolate day, as you already got understand that you have to give chocolates to your girlfriend or wife, and also you know very well that female’s are mad for chocolates.

Teddy Day : And the fourth day comes at 10th feb which is teddy day. If you cant sleep with your valentine i mean if you are far from your lover. Then this day you have to give the big teddy to her so that she can give tight hugs to your teddy and sleep with him. because you don’t wanna let share your girlfriend bed with any other boy.

Promise Day : At this day you have to promise her that you will stand with her in every situation and many more more promises exp:- i love you always, i’ll caring you forever. This day comes at 11th february.

Hug Day : Sixth day is hug day and it falls at 12th feb. If you are sad or feeling cry then hug is the thing which will relief from all these tensions.

Kiss Day : A very beautiful day for love birds. This is the seventh day which is 13th feb. Couples are giving a passionate kiss with each other on this day. This is very romantic for him and her.

Valentine’s Day : And the valentines day comes at 14th feb which is most waited by couples. This day all lovers are spending their time with special one. They celebrate this day with lots of love by romance, watching movie, long driving and enjoying meals.

After these eight days here comes the anti-valentine week. Initially this week were not made but the new generation of our world has make these days. They made this week for those whom didn’t get good relationship with his/her partner. See above and you’ll automatically know after see the date list that how they celebrate this anti-valentine week.

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