No matter where you are, At some point or other, you might suddenly find out the colleague’s birthday. maybe he is your office co-worker, classmate, relative or neighbor. Of course you’ll be invited to their birthday party. And when that happens, you’re obliged to take along a birthday gift along with you. When it comes to our loved ones, that’s true we love to plan ahead for buying gifts, but when it comes to our everyday casual friends birthdays, where you just have to attend the party’s out of politeness, then last minute gift rush is what we get. Lots of tips you’ll get for buying presents for that special person, other than that special person, what about buying presents for everyone?

Quick Birthday Gifts

Well, we giving tips for you to out of your dilemma, we made a list of easy to get, quite impressive, cheap to buy, last minute gifts for you. Run to your nearest store, and buy something for your colleague’s birthday after Quick, skim through the list.

1. Coffee Mug : These are as cheap as it gets, and fancy too. And most of these are comes with motivational quotes too. This is really helpful and resourceful too for everyone in their everyday chores. It’s guaranteed that it’s not one gift that would have to be kept away in a corner, useless, forever.

Happy Birthday Coffee Mug

2. Photo Frames and Album : Actually, this one is obvious. It comes in variety of sizes, shapes and cost. Everyone can find one that best suits them. And it’s pretty useful too; it can work a photo frame (obviously) or as a show piece too. There are many other photo frames that also comes with other features like calendar, clock, pen holder etc. Otherwise you can go just with a photo album (This would be more appreciated by female friends).

Photo Frames & Albums

3. Wallet or Purse : If your friend’s a guy, give him a wallet, and if a girl, then a purse. It can’t get any simpler. A nice purse is bound to cheer the girls up because girls are always love to buy new purses that can match their pretty dresses and you can get purses quite cheap too in these days.

Men's Wallet & Ladies Purse For Gifts

4. Watch or Clock : Try buying a gender neutral watch, or you can buy specific one too. Watches comes in lots of sizes and varieties in these days, which haven’t mention prices. Try finding one in your budget. A clock would also be a good idea.

Watch Or Clock For Birthday Gift

5. Bracelets or Key Chains : Bracelets these days are a fashion icon for both guys and girls. So it shouldn’t be a problem to find something affordable and attractive for your friend. If you find a cute key chain or cuddly one, than it would be totally cool for your female friends otherwise key chains usually are for guys and guys are prefer leather or metallic types.

Bracelets & Key Chains Gifts

6. Soft Toys : These are loved by people of all ages and genders. Buy a cute one and it would make the perfect gift. Other than, you may find many soft toys which plays audio music on shaking. These are really pretty too and quite cheap at the same time.

Birthday Soft Toys Gifts

7. Perfume and Deodorants : This is one of the easiest gifts to choose and buy. Just take any bottle from the shelf (make sure to check for male/female), check the cost, and run away fast to the counter. As everyone knows that perfumes and deodorants comes in lots of variety.

Perfume & deodorants for birthday

8. Video Game CDs or DVDs : If you know your friend is a games buff than you can buy him games. Many lesser famous titles are available in very cheap cost so it would be a great thing to buy one for your friend.

Video Game CDs / DVDs

9. Show Piece or Holders : You can always go with the classic show pieces; statutes of animals, beautifully carved plates, pen holders and such. Lots of stuff comes under this definition, and you can definatly get something for your friend easily right in your budget cost.

Show Piece or Holders

10. Chocolates : This is so obvious, and an all-time classic. Of course, if you don’t have the time to shop for anything and you are running really late, then buy a chocolate with large size, or a chocolates pack. Everyone loves chocolate, so it’s quite a staple.

Birthday Chocolates

There, that makes an easy-to-buy-last-minute gifts list for you. You many have noticed that nothing exceptionally special is there on the list, that’s because it’s not for someone special, it’s for everyone, for those who you encounter every day. So next time you find yourself in a pinch, go through this list and I’m sure you’ll manage something, no matter where or when.

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