It sounds like a fictional scene, but it has actually happened in the US. A man has been termed in jail for sending a Gmail invite to his ex girlfriend. It sounds very funny but asks the man who has been sentenced; he would surely not find it any funnier. It is one of the worst cases in the internet history that has surfaced in the US. The man who has been convicted actually sent a Gmail invite to his ex girlfriend for joining his Google+ profile.
The person who has been alleged of sending the request to his girlfriend denied all the charges against him. He stated that the request had been sent by Google without his knowledge about the case. Salem News has covered all this news and they revealed that the man’s ex girlfriend went to the Police with his email complaining about the violation of restraining order. The Police did not have any other option but to arrest the unfortunate person. He entered the jail and after some time, he was released on a bail costing him 500 USD.
It has been one of the most ridiculous cases of all time and the next hearing has been set on February 6. The attorney of the convict has stated that his client is out of any clue where the invitation got sent from. He has also pressed on the fact that his client did not have any idea about the send out of the invite. When ABC news tried to contact the attorney and the convicted person, it was unsuccessful to reach them.
When ABC news tried to interview an expert in internet privacy cases, Bradley Shear he said that is very much possible that the convict is speaking truth. He might not have sent the invite by himself knowingly. Shear also added that Google might be in a major trouble here since the man faced jail sentence because of the company’s loophole. Google was also contacted regarding this case but nothing could be heard of them lately.

Frederick Wojick

In Google+, the users are enabled to join their email contacts to merge them into groups like School classmates, professional associates and more. When you are moving one contact from another, such mistake can happen of sending the invite unknowingly. When Shear was interviewed by ABC, he pointed to the product forum of Google in the year 2011 and 2012. It talked about preventing the users to send automatic invitations on the Google+ platform. A lot of complaints in the past have also been received by the court against Google for sending these invites to Google+ unknowingly.
One of the customers that have been stuck with the same problem stated that when he added an email to his circle, Google sent a request to that email in order to join Google+. He along with many other customers has faced similar problems from Google and it can be a possibility that the convict is speaking the truth and he did not have any idea of the invitation.
When customers complained about this matter, a Google community manager replied, “Thanks for your feedback. The emails that are sent out by us to the emails in your circle are basically aimed at awaring those people about the activities on Google+. This email is sent only once to them and it is to inform them that you are using Google+ and they can utilize its services as well”.
It has become big news in the US now and people are seen protesting against the policies of Google and its feature. It landed Gagnon in jail and he is in big trouble because of that. He did not receive any warning from Google before sending out such a mail to his ex girlfriend. Shear, the experienced attorney said that Google goes through all of your contacts and sends those invitations, no matter what profession they are in, whatever they do, whatever relationship you share with them. This is a perfect example of a loophole in a big company’s policy and it happens when they try hard to push their profit limits in the market.

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