In a way, dark circles act like a black spot on a person’s personality. To a large extent, a person’s reputation depends on how beautiful and healthy he looks. Hence, it is very important to note that dark circles are a very important factor that spoils a person’s personality. The face of a person should always look fresh and ready. Black circles also make a human being a dork. As soon as they knock on our face, at the same time we should take some immediate steps to get out of these dark circles.

These Dark Circles can be caused due to the residual of immense fluid under the skin of the person. The skin that is present under eyes is one of the softest in the entire body. Dark circles are usually caused because of over-weeping. Since, tears contain high concentration of salt in them; they can cause such circles under the eyes. It is a very common disease that is found among the people suffering from depression and also the people who are unable to complete their sleep at nights. Under-sleeping is also another major cause for this problem. If the user is not able to get appropriate sleep in the desired sleeping hours, it can help develop dark circles under the eyes.

Some people have dark circles in their genes. For example, if their parents possess the problem of dark circles, their son/daughter will inherently possess the same problem. This is the most common cause for dark circles and there is not a huge scope of improvement in such cases. Another cause for the surfacing of dark circles is the lack of proteins and Iron in the human body. The deficiency of protein in the body is also responsible for the increased aging of the person. Apart from these reasons, there are a few more contributing to the accumulation of dark circles under the eye, like infections and diseases such as hay fever, etc.

Possessing dark circles under the eyes can be highly frustrating and it can also hamper the confidence of a person while going for socializing. Hence, it needs to be worked out in a quick manner in order to avoid all the shame and frustration that the person possibly faces after the arrival of dark circles.
Here are some of the 8 trusted treatments that can be adopted in order to get rid of dark circles completely :-

get rid of dark circles

(i) Improve The Sleeping Habits
The inadequate amount of sleeping hours usually leads to the development of dark circles. It is the most common cause for such dark bags to be surfaced under the eye. Hence, in order to improve these dark circles, the person should make an improvement in his sleeping habits. This may involve the correction of sleeping postures. The person should prefer sleeping on the back, rather than on the chest. A pillow should be used while going for the sleep as it helps to keep the head high and also calms the senses. The flow of blood and fluids in the body is also improved with the help of pillow. A good blood flow is always essential for improving the dark bag situation under the eyes.

(ii) Perform The Blood Circulation Exercises
It is very important for the blood to flow smoothly in order to avoid the development of dark circles under the eyes. For this purpose, the person can commit to certain exercises that aim at improving the blood flow throughout the entire body, especially the face region. Yoga can be an utmost help in correcting the dark circle problem and eliminate it forever. However, a regular exercise regime should be adopted if the person wants to keep the dark circles away from life.

(iii) The Use of Cucumber And Potato Slices
This is the traditional method to cure dark circles. You might have seen many film actors keeping a slice of cucumber or potato on their eyes while taking a break from the shoot. They tend to make their under-eye section more healthy and dark circle free by adopting the age old method of keeping potato/cucumber slice on their eye. It should be kept on the eye for about half an hour and subsequently removed. This helps tremendously to keep the skin fresh and glowing.

(iv) Remove Make Up Before Taking A Nap
People usually forget to remove their make up while going to sleep. They do it because of ignorance or due to laziness. The eye make-up should be especially removed before going to sleep. The presence of make-up on the eyes while sleeping can make the eyes look bulgy and weak soon. When you grow older, the situation worsens up; therefore a person should always remove the eye make-up before going off to sleep.

(v) Take The Medication For Allergies And Infections Seriously
Sometimes, the cause for dark circles is the flurry of infections and allergies possessed by the person. Hence, they must be properly medicated and proper measures must be taken to improve the condition.

(vi) Usage of Neti-pot
Neti-pot is a device that is used for the elimination of nasal infections and hay fever. Hay fever is the most common cause for the development of dark circles under the eyes and if it’s removed, there are a very few chances to develop dark circles in the future.

(vii) Eat Green Vegetables
Green vegetables have a lot of healing attributes. They should be involved in the daily food consumption schedule. Fruits like banana, oranges also have a great effect to cure dark circles. Hence, an emphasis must be laid by the person on vegetarian diet as it heals dark circles in a very hassle free way.

(viii) Keep The Depression And Excessive Stress Away
The major cause for the development of dark circles is the stress that creeps inside a person’s mind over the time. This can result in sleep loss and bad eating habits. Therefore, a person must keep the stress away from life. It can be done with the help of yoga and the other practices. A certain set of exercises can also help the person overcome stress and depression. Once the depression is overcome, the person can witness a great improvement in his problem of dark circles. Hence, stress must be eliminated from life.

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