Pregnancy has remained to be a serious subject for women of all age groups, but imagine what happens when a girl gets pregnant at a tender age of 6 or even lesser. In this case, The intensity of complications can get elevated. There is some examples of women who got pregnant at such a tender age.
Here goes the list :-

1. Lina Medina (5 Years Old)
Lina Medina became pregnant at the age of 5 ½, coming from the district of ticrapo, Peru. after the born of baby, baby’s weight was 2.64 Kgs and measured at 47.5 cms in height. he was named Gerardo and the baby was welcomed by the family of Lina. When Lina’s health was deteriorating then her parents took her to the hospital citing tumor in her brain. It was this time, that the parents were informed about the pregnancy of their daughter and that she held a baby in her abdomen for 7 months. It somehow triggered due to precocious puberty. however, it was not a result of sexual intercourse. It is the phase before the normal time, when hormones get active and assigned to them. Leena’s father was arrested on suspicion of rape but soon her father was released as no real evidence was found against him. Lina’s case remains to be the most popular pre-mature pregnancy case ever registered.

Lina Medina

2. Yelizaveta “Liza” Gryshchenko (6 Years Old)
Yelizaveta Gryshchenko, Who was popularly known as Liza, Gave birth to a baby just after a week of her birthday. Reportedly she was got pregnant by her 69 year old maternal grandfather. Liza’s pregnancy was in critical phase and required cesarean operation for labor but the liza’s parents did not agree and as a result the newly born baby died in the course of labor. The baby measured weight was 3 Kgs and height measured was 52 cms. When doctors came, they told that if she was extracted much before the time, the baby could have been saved. The news of her being pregnant created a widespread anger and rage throughout the Soviet Union and it surfaced the news headlines at the time. However, the grandfather of the girl did not suffer any legal charges and it created a wide controversy around the country.

3. Zulma Guadalupe Morales ( 8 Years Old)
Zulma Guadalupe Morales who was born and raised in Mexico, gave birth to a baby boy in the National Medical Center of the West Hospital. She was 8 years old when the baby was born. He weighed 7.04 pounds at the time of birth and the delivery was normal. However, the parents of the girl did not want to reveal her name in the beginning because of earning bad reputation for their baby. The baby’s father has not been identified yet. In Mexico, This girl made a record of being the youngest mother ever.

4. Wanwisa Janmuk (9 Years Old)
From Thailand, Wanwisa Janmuk had a very interesting case. She became the first girl to get married at the age of 8. When the baby was born, She reached the age of 9 years. The marriage was considered legal by the authorities of Thailand. Her husband aged 27 years and the couple gave birth to a baby girl. The case of Wanwisa Janmuk attracted wide media attention and was considered to be the most popular case at the time.

5. Elena Chiritescu (10 Years Old)
Hailing from the tropical country, Spain Elena Chiritescu was aged 10 years and 6 months at the time of pregnancy. She gave birth to a healthy female baby weighed 2.9 KGs and named her Nicoletta Narcissa. She went through a very common delivery process. The father of the girl was identified Gheorghe Mecic who was 13 year old at the time of Elena’s pregnancy. They got into a serious relationship before planning the baby. The news gathered special attention from the media.

Elena Chiritescu

6. Thuli Shaka (10 Years & 6 Months Old)
At the time of delivery, Thuli Shaka was 10 years and 6 months old. After the operation which was performed by the cesarean technique, She gave birth to baby boy. She’s from South Africa and at the time of pregnancy she was a student of Vulindlela Primary School. The identity of baby’s father is yet to be identified.

7. Dafne (9 Years Old)
Dafne, a resident of Mexico became mother at a tender age of 9 years. She was dating a guy aged 17 years and the child was born as a result of unsafe sexual intercourse between them. However, the identity of the father is undiscovered until date.

8. Monserrat Alvarado Gomez (10 Years & 6 Months Old)
Another resident of Mexico, Monserrat Alvarado Gomez became pregnant when she was just 10 years and 6 months old. She gave birth to a very normal baby who weighed 2.3 KGs at the time of birth. The baby was named Marisol. Her 47 year old neighbor was tried on the charges of raping her and was sent to serve a jail sentence of 11 ½ years.

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