Top models, sports personalities, beautiful actresses are done with. Lots of many fit women that can take your breath away and they represent with different type of beauties. Here is a small section of women that represent how femininity can be associated with powerful build and sturdy physique. Here are some of the hottest body builders that you don’t want to mess with but can’t help but desire them.

1. Pauline Nordin
Pauline Nordin
Paula Nordin, is the Swedish beauty that started training for body building when she was just 17 years of age back in 1999. Competing when she was 20 years old, she has been a fitness model most of her life and it shows. This gorgeous lady was a personal trainer for the Swedish version of ‘the biggest Loser’, and not surprisingly her contestant won. Probably got inspired huh?

2. Moorea Wolfe
Moorea Wolfe
This attractive woman is from Arizona and has been into body building and training since early 2000’s. Having started at age of 19, she was first introduced to gymnastics and dancing. After being introduced to body building, she started training and competing on fitness competitions and has worked as a personal trainer.

3. Oksana Grishina
Oksana Grishina
Oksana is one Russian beauty that you don’t want to mess with. Introduced to world of body building through gymnastics; she was into gymnastics school during her childhood. She has been competing since 2004 and is without a doubt of the hottest looking female body builder out there.

4. Brooke Holladay
Brooke Holladay
Brooke Holladay is a fine example of the blue eyed blonde bombshell that wet dreams are made of. She is the prime example of American beauties with her fit physique and an attractive face to go with. She has competed in late 2000’s and won two competitions in body building. Her talents include dancing and gymnastics.

5. Erica Cordie
Erica Cordie
She may not have been involved in the body building world enough to classify her as professional, but she is fit enough to be one of them. Instead of body building, this gorgeous lady has stated modeling as her profession. She only took up body building to rehabilitate her leg which she injured during a skiing accident. Looking at those eyes, can anyone deny she is one of the most gorgeous ones out there?

6. Jennifer Rish
Jennifer Rish
This is again a prime example of an American beauty. Jennifer is Californian woman who was introduced to the body building through her career as a kick boxer and a gymnast. She is however very versatile and is always busy with fitness modeling, competing and even working as a nurse!

7. Wendy Lindquist
Wendy Lindquist
Wendy is a Canadian beauty from British Columbia. She began from being gymnast and a dancer and worked through fitness modeling and then eventually competing in body building championships in 2001.

8. Heidi Vuorela
Heidi Vuorela
Here’s another Blonde bombshell who completes this list. This is Heidi Vuorela, the Scandinavian beauty. She as many in body building is a professional personal trainer and has been competing for few years. Definitely, not someone to mess with, she can destroy you with just her looks.

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