Yea, yea, with no moral obligations you must be expecting a cheap and self-centered fella just from the title. self-centered fella with no moral obligations. I mean, isn’t it obvious & courteous to tip the waiter who hands you your food? Wait, hold your horses & read the rest before you judge an innocent guilty.

Tip For Waiters
  1. If you have the money to eat lavishly in a hotel/restaurant, then why don’t you have the money to tip the waiter; you must be stingy.
    No, not really. I just happened to save for an outrageous number of days to treat myself once lavishly & for this hard work I deserve to tip someone? Maybe I can tip a dollar at most, but 20% of what I ate? That’s even costlier than the taxes levied by the government.
  2. You know, I just decided to go shopping & just splurged 2000$ in the super market. Now, why isn’t anyone yelling off my ears for not tipping the guy behind the counter? And again, why am I not forced to tip while ordering through a drive-thru?
  3. There are lots of self-service food outlets around. True, now I go place my order myself and then pick up & eat myself, there are still workers who do cook my meal & then clean up the table after me. Why am I not supposed to tip them?
  4. Hello, is being a waiter is derogatory or what? Why else would you tip them like you would throw a few cents to the beggars? The waiter is already employed respectfully & his contract does not include compulsory tip taking. I mean I’m an automation engineer and I don’t expect people (actually the entire city since I control the power station) to tip me just because I’m energizing their homes.
  5. Consider a scene in the hospital where you are sitting in the waiting room for the doctor to call you in and a bloke passes by dusting & cleaning the place. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind tipping him 20% of my doctor’s fees because he is really the underpaid one keeping my visits to the hospital safe.
  6. Come on, I know money doesn’t grow on tree, but neither does it grow in my backyard. I understand if I’m spending lots of time in a ridiculously over prices restaurant & splurging a lot of money I ought to tip, its common sense then that I’ve a lot of money to burn. But if I’m a hard working average person, just like you, who just happened to visit a diner, then why do I need to tip you? How about for once you cut me a discount?
  7. Just because I can afford something doesn’t mean I can afford to throw money. Just because I happened to eat in a hotel doesn’t mean I have 20% more top tip my waiter. In central Asian like countries Nepal, Bangladesh, labors are under paid by over 500% of what the waiter’s salary might be. So I might donate to them rather than indulging my waiter just because he is a waiter.

Of course I know these are 7 reasons, I couldn’t stop myself & I could still come up with hundreds of other reasons; ok that’s a hyperbole, but seriously I’ve enough reasons to make anyone think twice before actually tipping the waiter. And the “I’ll spit in your food if you don’t tip me” won’t threaten me because if I’m paying my bill then I’ve already finished eating. I think the society needs to re-define its stand behind this tipping religion. I’m not starting a kill-thy-tips agenda, just saying that it needs a little modification. For instance this arbitrary tip value of 20% or so of the main bill is silly. Let it be any amount the customer is comfortable with. All said aside, I still end up tipping my waiters thanks to social/moral/fear compulsion.

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