The science and technology has evolved over the time and so has the medication for animals. If you talk about 50 years back, if the dog was treated for disease it was good, otherwise he had no other option but to die. However with the unfolding of time, the medication for dogs has taken a good roll. Things have changed heavily now in favor of treatments and the dogs do not have to suffer anymore because of lack of medications and the lack of cure.

There are an ample of ways available in the world now to treat a dog. There are many times when your pet can become sick, it is a clear indication when you have to take him to the nearest veterinary. However, if you know the right ways how to avoid health dangers to dogs, you can prevent such situation.

When your dog is sick, there are countless ways of treating him. Here are some of the necessities that dog owners need to keep in mind for avoiding the sickness to go worse :-

Avoid Health Dangers For Your Dog

1. Antibiotics – Like humans, Antibiotics work well on the animals too. Medicines such as Metronidazole and Doxycycline are the best prescribed drugs whenever the dog is sick. Antibiotics must be given to the dog in case of bacterial infections.

2. Antiparasitics – When it comes to Antiparasitics, Ivermectin is one of the best Antiparasitics prescribed to dogs. This drug is dominantly used by the veterinarians in order to cure infections due to roundworms, threadworms and any parasites present in the dog body.

3. Antifungals – This is the most commonly used treatment when the dog feels uncertain about his health. Antifungals are given to the dogs when a lot of yeast grows around their ears and on parts of their skin. This can cause irritation as well as inflammation. The antifungal that is very effective for the treatment of over-grown yeast is Ketoconazole. It is usually given by the veterinarians to the dogs in order to avoid this common problem of yeast formation.

4. Steroids – Steroids are always taken in a bad notation. However, they can prove to be very useful for the dogs. The name of steroids has been spoiled by the athletes who take them. If the right steroids are provided to the dog, it can save them from cancer, Addison’s disease and inflammation. The best prescribed steroid by the veterinarians is Prednisone. It is a highly effective drug.

5. Pain Killers – These drugs are usually given by the veterinarians in order to relieve the pain from dog’s body. Some of the common pain killers are Tramadol, which is used to relive chronic pain in dogs who suffer from arthritis.

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