Many years ago, the world was one. It was basically a big continent by itself but with time, many continents have submerged in water. Here are some of the places.

lost places in the ocean

The Lost Villages :- “The Lost Villages” is a term for a bunch of Canadian towns that were submerged in the 1950’s in order to pave way for the St. Lawrence Seaway. A substantial number of Canadian villages were submerged fully and those sunken villages took a place below the artificial St. Lawrence Lake. The people from those villages had been relocated by the Canadian government. Around 6,500 people from 500 houses were displaced with the submersion.

New Moore/South Talpatti

New Moore/South Talpatti :- It is called New Moore in India and South Talpatti Island in Bangladesh. It is situated quite close to the Hariabhanga River that paints a crossing line between India and Bangladesh. Both the countries were living in a cold war for the possession of the island. But to the surprise of one and all, the island that they were fighting over, submerged again in 2010.

Verdronken Land Van

Verdronken Land Van :- Verdronken Land Van is a word that is used for “The drowned land of Reimerswaal”. Reimerswaal was basically a vital city to Netherlands. The city was popular for mussels and oysters trading. Storms had been disturbing this city for ages and it was finally in 1555 that a floodbank was broken and it resulted in the sea taking over the land. It was by the 18th century that the whole town was underwater.


Sundaland :- It is a tiny continent located in what is now South East Asia. After ice age, this was the largest land area to be submerged. Sundaland was actually twice the size of India when it was still above the water. It is important to note that some historians believe that the Garden of Eden was located on Sundaland.


Mauritia :- Mauritia was a tiny continent of its own which is now situated under the depths of Indian Ocean Island of Mauritius. Crystals called Zircons are originated from Mauritia. Madagascar separated from Mauritia in the recent past letting Mauritia to submerge slowly.

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