Are you seeking for some high altitude venture with in spectacular and an awesome environment? If yes, then just do your packing and get ready to experience the most magnificent peaks, thrilling torrents and wonderful scenery of Nepal. It is considered a fascinating and a renowned vacationer spot. Below are some of the popular places which you must while your visit to Nepal.

nepal tourist places

Kathmandu :- It is Nepal’s capital or you can say the cultural centre. Walking on the streets of this city, you may experience the culture, people and the history of Nepal which this city had embraced and relived for centuries. Here, you can enjoy trekking, rafting and many more other sports.

Nagarkot :- It is situated 32 kms east of Kathmandu if you want to enjoy the beautiful and majestic Himalayan mountain range, then you must visit this place once. There is one lookout tower situated here that allows visitors to catch a 360 degree view of Kathmandu valley.

Royal Chitwan National Park :- If want to experience some jungle venture and thrill with elephants and rapids, you must turn towards this park. This park covers about 932 kms and serves as a home for birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians. You can also enjoy jungle walks and safari drives.

Pokhara :- It is located 200 kms west of Kathmandu, for rafting and trekking, this enchanting city is an ideal place. This city offers astonishing scenery and natural beauty. The holiday experience which you will get here is not at all possible anywhere else.

Patan :- This place is ideal for art lovers and enthusiasts and this is one of the oldest city and is a home for Nepalese architecture, traditions and arts. It is certainly an open museum.

Pashupatinath Temple :- Located four kilometers east of Kathmandu, it has immeasurable sacredness for Hindu people. Hindus strongly believe that Pashupatinath release them from cycles of birth and rebirth.

Wildlife research of Koshi Tappu :- Situated near the river of Sapta-Koshi in Eastern Nepal, this wildlife research is an ideal place if you love seeing migratory birds. You must this place from January till March. The adventures available here ensure to provide you an unforgettable vacation experience.

Bhaktapur :- It is a primeval town situated in Kathmandu valley. Here, you will get an ultimate taste of Khopa Dhau and home curd. This place ensure to provide you a homely feeling.

Lumbini :- It’s a perfect place if you want to gather information regarding cultural, religious and archaeological treasures. Its actually the birthplace of greatest man of religion world and that is Siddharth Gautam which is the founder of Buddhism religion.

Royal Bardia National Park :- Its been located in Western Terai. It is one of the biggest park in this region and a sanctuary for tigers and small mammals like deer, reptiles, birds, elephants and many more.

Overall, Nepal has too much to offer to visitors. So, get ready and plan your next trip to Nepal.

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