Are you a doctor? Or maybe an engineer? No? Perhaps an analyst; or a student? Teacher, professor, or any other professional? Really doesn’t matter what you are, ‘cause no matter who you happen to be, we all still have something in common. Right, it’s coffee. We all drink it. You see, if you want to get your work done in time and avoid getting sued right down to your very last dime, you need to drink coffee. Why you ask? Because it happens to not only kick your sluggish muscles into high gear as if you were Usain Bolt out for an early jog across the continent (ok, maybe that’s stretching it a bit), it also has hoards of health advantages. No it doesn’t help you get over your heart break, but it can jostle you to work efficiently even with a heart break.

coffee benefits

Want to find out all about this magical drink? Read on :-

  1. Coffee can help you live longer. How you ask? That’s ‘cause it makes you healthier. And again that’s ‘cause it has anti-oxidants. Lots of it in fact.
  2. Did you know that coffee without additives is zero-wait for it- calories drink? Yes, that’s right, it has approximately two calories per cup (.23 liter). Makes it legendary among the dieters craving for a drink.
  3. Afraid of coffee lethal overdose? You would need to consume 100 cups of coffee in a go, and the amount of water present in that would kill you way before the caffeine could get its turn.
  4. And here’s the fact known since the dawn of humanity; or the dawn of coffee, whichever came second- it helps keep you awake! Even if you have that dreaded quiz today. Or that project submission. Or even if you spent the night with your lover, and now have to slack through the day. Coffee. Will. Wake. You up. Coffee is your best friend, not Google.
  5. What will you do with your hangover if you’ve done the party late night away and have work next morning? Nothing, just let it hang itself dry by drinking some coffee. Sorry for the PJ (PJ meaning poor joke, not your pajamas). But coffee helps your liver flush itself out of toxins and helps get rid of your hangover. Saves your job.
  6. Coffee can make you happier. This must have something to do with all those caffeine. If you want to be as bubbly and care-free as a 5 year old on a sugar high, just drink your coffee.
  7. We just mentioned how you can use coffee to keep you up. Well apart from keeping you awake, coffee makes you intelligent. Your reflex, attention, focus, reasoning, anything and everything related with your brain would improve. This helps save time at work.
  8. Further strengthening the last point, caffeine makes the brain healthier. It can reduce or delay the onset of Alzheimer disease.
  9. Quick fix! Caffeine starts working in your system quite quickly, so if you have work to focus on, you can do so pronto.
  10. And like every other magical-potion-too-good-to-be-true, you need to exercise moderation while consuming caffeine. For your advantage, use the power of this drink but don’t become an addict.
    If all the OMG points mentioned above did not make you want to worship this awesome beverage, you still have one last thing that might interest you. You might need coffee to do your work in time; so does your boss. To yell down your throat, Albeit he most probably needs it. Steal his coffee and he might not be able to do it anymore. And you would feel double happy, thanks to drinking the extra-stolen-caffeine and your caffeine-stolen-lethargic boss.

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