like the prehistoric man, If we were to judge modern food then definitely we would run away from a lot of good stuff. But then again, no one used to find chili dogs under a rock back in the early days of men. Cause if they had found it, they’d probably had thought it was some rodent manure or something as a result of bad digestion of animal provenience. So, at least for once, please give us some credit and trust not your instincts on the appearance of these foods, but the opinions of others who have already tasted them.

Buffalo Chicken Dip

1. Buffalo Chicken Dip
Looks Like : Hot Cat Throw-Up.
Tastes Like : A gift by the guards which is both spicy and savory & good on everything.

Baba Ganoush

2. Baba Ganoush
Looks Like: Diarrhoea from a very ailing person.
Tastes Like: Eggplant goodness


3. Mussels
Looks Like :
A creature from the deep water (duh).
Tastes Like : Whatever palatable sauce it is soaked in.

Passion Fruit

4. Passion Fruit
Looks Like : Alien fish larvae.
Tastes Like : Tropical sweet mangoes with lemon.


5. Guacamole
Looks Like : The insides of an alien.
Tastes Like : Mexican GOLD.


6. Truffles
Looks Like : Goat turds.
Tastes Like : $$$.

Ethiopian Food

7. Ethiopian Food
Looks Like : A variety of regurgitation’s.
Tastes Like : Flavor-packed awesomeness.

Split Pea Soup

8. Split Pea Soup
Looks Like : Puke.
Tastes Like : Creamy delight on a fall day.


9. Caviar
Looks Like :
Fish eggs … errrr.
Tastes Like : Something rich people eat.

Buddha's Hands

10. Buddha’s Hands
Looks Like :
The mangled hands of a ancient person.
Tastes Like : Lemons, apparently!

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