I’m pretty sure when you read the title, you opened the link to finally discover that one secret technique. The mighty ninjas who living in elusive shadows are practicing this technique to stay awake, which allows them to fight ‘yawnlessly’. Well maybe we might not be able to give you the ninja’s mystery, but we surely can do that how to keeping you awake at work. If you happen to not be among those species who could actually breeze through a day at work as if they were watching the epilogue of Harry Potter, well worry not. Whatever be the reason for your drowsiness, try out these tips to stay awake at work!

how to stay awake at work
  1. To start with, secret munchies! Remember the school days when we would sneak a bite from our lunch boxes in between classes? Remember the thrill and fun? Then why not do it now? Take some small, hide-able, tasty, crunchy snacks into your office (smuggle it in!) and then keep sneaking a few mouthfuls every now and then. Since this won’t be a heavy eating, you not only ditch the grogginess, you also feel excited with your boldness. Oh and chewing gum also helps.
  2. Go SPLASH! Yes, splash yourself with water; the colder the water the better. Nothing opens the gates of your mind like a cold slap, I mean splash, in the face.
  3. Get grooving! Plug in your favorite music, preferably something energetic to which you would want to dance to (were you not at office), and start bobbing your head and tapping your feet, lightly. Please do so with headphones; you don’t want to help keep your partner awake too, do you?
  4. Shake around! Not like Taylor Swift, a bit tamer. Just because you are in the office doesn’t mean you need to stay glued to your chair. Walk around a bit, stretch, massage your head, neck and hands, and also make it habit to take 2 rest room breaks every hour. And when you do go in the rest room, stretch, jump, waltz, get crazy. Don’t just go to rest room to you know……use the rest room breaks to rejuvenate yourself.
  5. Take a power nap! Power naps actually help your brain get refreshed as if you just won the Oscar. Go ahead, take a nap for 15-20 minutes, no one should notice that, or do it in your lunch break. Problem getting up after 15-20 minutes? Drink coffee just before you nap, as the coffee will kick in in 15-20 minutes! And you wake up more refreshed than ever.
  6. Stay hydrated! Yup, aside from splashing that cold water on your face, drink it too. Not only it is healthy and keeps your mind active and up, but it also helps you stay true to point number two (Ok, point number four, I did that just to rhyme it). There are lots of health benefits associated with staying hydrated.
  7. Breathe! Not the stale air of your office but the fresh air outside. Find a small balcony or opening where you can breathe in a few fresh gulps of air. While you are at your desk, breathe deeply, like a beast that just chased its prey across the Nile River. Breathe deep into your stomach and out totally. Do this for a minute or so every quarter of an hour.
  8. Do it manual! Use the stairs, avoid the elevators, or take the longer route instead of the shorter one. Get your heart racing wildly! As soon as your heart starts racing, the urge to doze goes for a toss. You want the most effective and the fastest way? Just run up your stairs. Wicked, but oh so satisfying.
  9. Find yourself a game that gives you the kicks! Everyone has mobile phones these days. Install a small game (brain games, puzzle games are the best, but any game that you find interesting helps) and help yourself to it. But, a word of caution; this is only helpful if you limit yourself to five minutes of game-play in every hour, else you would lose focus from your work and get even more drowsy. If you are not allowed mobile phones, then Google is your best friend. Play their Pac man!
  10. Play pranks! This one is the toughest but the best. Envy your co-worker, despise your colleague or outright hate your boss? This solution will eliminate them for you and also keep you up! Ahem. Anyways, all you need to do is play some small prank on your colleagues, like re-adjust their chair height, displace a conspicuous piece of stationary, put a weird, incognito sticky note and so on, the list is endless. You will get the thrill of setting up the ploy, then the wait would be exhilarating, and finally the confusion of your target would be sleep-crushing.

    There, so many tacky ways to stay awake and not spend much effort. You have fun along the way and you also manage to stay perky throughout the day, surprising your ever-awake-adversaries with your new found powers rivaling theirs.
    If, however all the above fails, don’t despair, here’s the ultimate solution to stay awake, practiced by the pirates of the Caribbean! Behold the power!

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